Customs World provides three important administrative services including: Customs Reformers, Trade Solutions and Digital Solutions. These services are the backbone in implementing best customs practices and software for enhancing overall performance.

Trade Solutions

Our expertise is not only to deliver world-class solutions but as the only fully-fledged customs agency we have a unique view of a Customs organisations business requirements and the unique challenges that are faced by such Customs organisations around the world. With that in mind, Customs World is underpinned by their motto, ‘built by the industry for the industry’.

Prior to proposing any product or service, Customs World first consults with the client to understand their business needs. Following the three step process our team of Customs Consultants can work closely with our clients and assist in various fields including but not limited to:

transactions per year

Risk Management

Change Management

Human Resource Management

Reform and Modernisation Program


Tech Adoption

Tariff and Taxation

Intellectual Property Rights

Trade Facilitation

System Integration


Authorised Economic Operator

The end state of any project that Customs World undertakes is to add tangible value to the client and to ensure any product or service offered is successfully implemented with a mutually agreed SLA KPI’s with the solution being scalable and self sustainable

Approach and solutions

CW employs both inductive and deductive methods in improving partners’ customs procedures

Analysis & Assessment

of client requirements

Proposal & Agreement

on services, plans and terms


of plans with regular support by CW team as agreed upon.